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The Gifted

The newest civilization confirmed to exist on the Alien planet is surprisingly another ancient civilization. There are rumors of the capabilities of the Goo, and if they are true, then it may be a true toy of the Devil...


The Powerful

This next civilization seems to have fallen afoul of the disaster left behind by the previous civilization. Unfortunately the Goo is as elusive and powerful as ever.This civilization seems to have actually started to probe into the mysteries of the Goo, but the end does not seem to have gone better for this civilization than the previous two.


The Keepers

This is one of the earliest Alien civilizations ever found with some form of existing records. The ever-mysterious Goo makes its first appearance and seems to consistently emerge throughout the major successive civilizations.


The Code Cultists

Records about this civilization are disjointed at best. However, the Goo does seem to have been analyzed in far greater detail than any other previous civilization.

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